Renewing My Standard Certificate

If you hold a standard educator certificate you must renew it every five years.

Renewal Requirements

Continuing professional education (CPE) is required to renew a standard certificate. Your certificate will be set to inactive status if you do not renew by the expiration date. CPE hours are required, even if your certificate has already been set to inactive status. Certificates cannot be renewed by completing examinations.

  • Classroom teachers must complete 150 CPE hours.
    • No more than 150 CPE hours are required, even if you hold multiple classroom certificate areas.
  • If you hold an administrative and/or student services certificate you must complete 200 CPE hours.
    • No more than 200 CPE hours are required, even if you hold multiple certificates, such as: classroom, administrative and student services certificates.

General CPE information is located on the Continuing Professional Education Information page, along with renewal FAQs. You can with any additional questions.

Renewal Application Instructions

Six months prior to the expiration date of your certificate, you will be sent an email reminder to the email address in your educator account. It is your responsibility to meet renewal requirements, .

You must apply and pay online to renew your standard certificate.

  1. Log into your to access your educator account.
  2. Once in ջL, click View My Educator Certification Account to log into your Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) account.
  3. Once in ECOS, verify your profile information is correct. Then click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  4. From the Main Menu on the left select Applications, then Renew a Standard Certificate.
  5. Follow the prompts to submit the online renewal application and pay the fee.

If you have not set up your ջL and ECOS accounts, instructions are located on the ECOS for Educator page. If you need assistance with accessing your existing ջL account, .

Contact Information

Please use the ջ to submit questions about continuing professional education.

Allow several business days for staff to respond to your ticket.