HB 3 in 30 Video Series

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HB 3 in 30 isa video web series that seeks to provide more information on House Bill 3. These presentations will be posted every Thursday. You can watch the series through our

Tax Compression Part 2

Jan 9th 2020

New Teacher Mentoring

Dec 5th 2019

K-2 DiagnosticTools

Nov 21st 2019

Financial Aid Application

Nov 14th 2019

School Transportation Funding

November 7th 2019

Additional Days School Year

October 17th 2019

Blended Learning

October 10th 2019

Teacher Incentive Allotment

October 3rd 2019

Bilingual Education Allotment

September 26th 2019

Board and District Goal Setting

September 19th 2019

Reading Practices

September 12th 2019

Special Education and Dyslexia

September 5th 2019

Gifted and Talented

August29th 2019

Charter School Funding

August 29th2019

CCMR: Innovative High School Models,
and Subsidy for High School Equivalency

August 22nd 2019

Small / Mid-sized District Allotment

August 22nd2019

CCMR Outcomes Bonus and Exam Reimbursements

August 8th 2019

Do Not Hire Registry

August 15th


July25th 2019

Current Year Values / Fast Growth

August 1st 2019

State Compensatory Education Program

July 11th 2019


July 18th 2019

Budget Planning for Teacher Compensation

June 27th 2019

Tax Rate Changes

July 3rd 2019